Did you know honey improves your tooth health?

Did you know honey is the only sugar type that improves your tooth health instead of harming it? It’s true!

Most types of sugar feed bad bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. However, honey is VERY different!

Honey naturally contains anti-microbial compounds that kill harmful bacteria in the mouth and allow good oral bacteria to flourish. In fact, many hunter-gatherer tribes worldwide that consume large amounts of honey have been found to have very good oral health and ZERO cavities despite their frequent honey consumption.

Also, honey has dozens of health benefits, including helping your body produce nitric oxide, which improves blood flow (a big benefit older adults enjoy from honey for both heart and other health benefits such as lowered inflammation levels!).

When choosing honey, choose local when possible and always raw. You want to avoid mass-produced honey that comes from locations like China, which is often fraudulently infused with high fructose corn syrup to make it cheaper and more profitable for them. Media reports indicate some of these foreign honey products are produced in China and shipped to the U.S. from other locations to “hide” their true country of origin.

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