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Hot Honey Trending in Food Service

Hot honey is getting HOT in the ranks! Hot honey ranks in the 100th percentile for future growth potential in the food industry. . Its tremendous growth is predicted to outperform 100% of all other foods, beverages and ingredients over the next four years. 

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March 1, 2024

By Elissa Ely


Did you know honey improves your tooth health?

Did you know honey is the only sugar type that improves your tooth health instead of harming it? It’s true! Most types of sugar feed bad bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. However, honey is VERY different!

Raw Honey vs. Processed Honey: Which is Better?

Greetings, beekeeping enthusiasts!

It’s that time again to dip into the sweet world of beekeeping and indulge in a honey-filled discussion. Today, we will explore the age-old debate

Raw Local Honey vs. Non-Local Processed Honey: Which is Better?

Interesting Bee Facts Most People Don’t Know…

Honeybees are extremely important to the care and feeding of the world.

Honeybees are crucial pollinators in urban, natural and agricultural landscapes. Together they pollinate about 130 different types of fruit, vegetables, nut and fiber crops as well as ornamental crops. They not only improve crop yield but allow for almost $15 billion dollars of profit worldwide in these particular areas.

How Bees Recognize Nestmates

Video from Washington University in St. Louis

Length: 1 minute 22 seconds

Can You Spot The Queen?

Spot the Queen Bee

The queen bee is hiding somewhere in this photo.

Can you find her?

Click the link for the answer…

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